1. 15.0 M (L) x 2.3 M (W) x 2.8 M (D)
  2. 14.2 M (L) x 1.6 M (W) x 2.2 M (D)
  3. 10.3 M (L) x 1.7 M (W) x 2.8 M (D)
    The installed capacity is 250 MT per day. Galvanizing process demands precision controls on many variables, which we achieved with the help of our well-experienced team of Engineers, Foreman, and Labour force.
    Our hot dip galvanizing caters not only for Galvanco’s manufactured products but also accepts hot dip galvanizing service for outside customers.
    Our hot dip galvanized products and galvanizing service has served not only in the Kingdom but also outside country like; U.A.E, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, Oman etc.
    In short, we tell that our products & services represent quality, sincerity and our vast Engineering knowledge.

The company is ISO 9001:2000 certified and Saudi Aramco accredited galvanizing factory thereby, receiving and galvanizing customer’s materials for government and Saudi Arabia projects for a long time.

GALVANCO is equipped with machineries of proven record of reliability in terms of productivity and meeting required quality supported by modern machineries like CNC and PLC operated and controlled machineries.

GALVANCO has a team of trained, experienced, qualified technical personnel that ensures products quality or service offered to the customers.
Design Department consist of a team of high qualified Design Engineers and Draftsmen with many years of experience with latest computer aided design programs to ensure the most accurate, safe and economic design according to the customers’ requirements or International standards.

Lighting Poles 2 Mto 30 M.
High Mast Upto50M.
Communication Towers Upto 100 M.

Strength and deflection of steel pole columns. This is the application of the design and ultimate loads to the steel column to verify the adequacy of design, material and fabrication.

Coating Thickness
This is to determine the thickness of the hot dip galvanizing coating by means of a coating thickness gauge.

All our equipment has, instruments are calibrated, and our skilled people are certified.

GALVANCO, has established, implemented and maintained quality management system in accordance to the requirements of ISO 9001-2000 international standard by a group of qualified quality control engineers. We assure the quality of raw material as well as product by a strict implementation of quality check in every process of production until final product.