About us

Located at the Second Industrial Estate, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, started production of lighting steel poles, high mast, transmission poles, telecommunication towers, steel strapping and hot dip galvanizing since 1980 and we are one of the leading ISO Certified Steel Poles manufacturers in Saudi Arabia and Gulf Countries. Aramco, SEC,STC and various ministries inside and outside Saudi Arabia, approves Galvanco.

GALVANCO started production in 1980 with the following main activities:

Overhead Telecom/Transmission Line Towers/Poles, Street Lighting Poles (Steel), High Mast for Highway (with raising and lowering system) and Self-Support Towers (10 M – 150 M)

Hot Dip Galvanizing, General Steel Fabrication & Steel Strapping

We are one of the leading manufacturers of power transmission line structures, and lighting poles in the Kingdom. We have a very big supply record, which also includes Royal Commission (Jubail/Yanbu), Aramco and Saudi Electricity Company as our customers where we are already prequalified. Our Hot Dip Galvanizing facilities, though meant for captive use, has large capacity to accept a variety of job works.

We can undertake the design and manufacture of tapered octagonal/round  conical/polygonal section poles used for street lighting, overhead electrical transmission, antenna mast for telecommunications, high masts for highway (with raising and lowering system, and self-support towers (10 M – 150 M). These are designed and manufactured in our new and modern plant according to international standards or as per customer’s specifications and galvanized according to ASTM, BS EN ISO 1461 Standards or other customer’s specified standards.

Our Hot Hip Galvanizing Plant (3 Plants) features large Zinc Kettles measuring 15M X2.3MX2.8 M deep,14.2 M x 1.6 M x 2.2 M deep and 10.3 M x 1.7 M x 2.8 M deep are supported by pre-treatment facilities like degreasing, rinsing, pickling, fluxing,  and drying.

In addition, we have a medium sized Gen. Fabrication; w/c is equipped with fabrication machinery suitable for welding, cutting, shearing, punching, drilling, and bending of steel sheets & profiles. This Gen. Fab. is intended to cater related fabrication works for platforms/accessories of lattice towers, cross arms and braces required for transmission lines, as well as other steel works (i.e. transformer skids, steel frames, ladders, and etc.). It also supports the service needs of our poles manufacturing and galvanizing plant.

Our commitment to supply quality products is backed by our Technical Expertise and years of experience in this field.