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An efficient process to coat the surface of steel and iron with zinc (by dipping in molten zinc) to protect it against corrosion there by preserving its strength.

The process includes degreasing, rinsing, pickling, rinsing, fluxing, drying and dipping in molten zinc. 

Modernized design of our plant enhances high productivity. Highly skilled workforce and experienced management promises prompt delivery of materials through careful planning and scheduling

Kettle Size

Length : 14.2 M

Width   : 1.6 M

Depth   : 2.2 M 

Scope of work

Galvanizing services are provided for GALVANCO's own manufactured products and for outside customer products as well.


Galvanizing is done according to international standards

Quality Control

Customers complete satisfaction is our goal. Quality is employed at every stage of production to ensure product compliance to the specifications / standards (national / international). Process chemical strengths are periodically monitored by laboratory test and maintained. Inspection of hot dip galvanized products / materials are carried out thoroughly by highly trained inspectors using coating thickness gauge to measure zinc coating and visually for finish and appearance